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A Touch of Home: Vietnam’s Red Cross Donut Dollies

(2009) 46 min, TV-14, Documentary

This is the true story of 627 brave American young women who brought hospitality and gratitude to soldiers serving in the Vietnam War.

DIRECTOR: Patrick and Cheryl Fries

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Sharon Cummings – Red Cross Donut Dolly Volunteer – Canyon Country Resident
Posted by: Bill Reynolds – KHTS Director of Veteran Affairs in Hometown Heroes – Our Veterans, Santa Clarita Latest News March 5, 2020

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Meet Red Cross Donut Dollie Sharon (Vander Ven) Cummings
Published May 19, 2017 by Jim

Videomaker Documentary Winner 2005

Best Documentary – AKA Donut Dollies

Here’s another short, but really good video about the Donut Dollies. The filmmaker was at our reunion and putting together a reunion DVD for us.

Winner: Jack Schell, Gun Barrel City, TX
Watch the Video:

A tribute to the Donut Dollies, a corps of female Red Cross volunteers who served in Vietnam. The documentary consisted of many still images, which were touched up using Corel PhotoPaint. The project took about three full weeks of scanning, photo editing, video editing and compositing.

Video Trailer of Documentary

A Touch of Home: The Vietnam War’s Red Cross Girls
A One-Hour Documentary Special, Directed by Cheryl Fries

The majority of you know I spent time in Vietnam (April 66 – April 67) with the Red Cross as a Donut Dollie. Here is the trailer of the documentary that was made about us. The producers are working on distributing it to the Military channel, History channel, … one of those types of channels which shows these types of documentaries.

Anyway, the trailer is pretty good. And they used a couple of the photos I took while over there.


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